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  • 高考的英语满分作文精选


    My New Deskmate

    My new deskmate is a boy of sixteen. His name is Zhang Gao. He is 1.8 meters tall. His strongly-built body and sun-tanned skin make him look like a sportsman. He has two big dark eyes under a pair of thick eyebows. It seems that they are always smiling at you. Compared with my yellow hair, his hair is black and thick. He speaks a little bit fast but very clearly. However, he likes to gesture from time to time while he's talking. He has a dream of becoming a famous actor one day. I believe his dream will come true because of his handsome face and well-developed figure.


    I have a new deskmate this new term. His name is Zhang Gao, male.He is 1.8 metres in height. He looks like a sportsman for sun-tanned skin.Strongly-buih body and well-developed figure make him quite healthy.There is a pair of big eyes below his thick eyebrows.

    He speaks very fast and fluently, but what he says is very clear. When he speaks, he is always making some gestures. He dreams of being an actor and I have no doubt that his dream will come true. Whenever he sees you,he always gives you a friendly smile which makes you comfortable. He is a good student. I hope he will have a wonderful future.

    The most impressive classmate 印象最深的.同学

    A classmate of yours who has influenced you most in college

    Rose is my roommate, classmate and my best friend in my college. She has a round face and a little plump. One can always find a nice smile on her face, which reflects her amiable and pleasant character. Our friendship attributes to her great influence on me.

    In terms of study, she is good at English, while English is not my cup of tea. When I am confused about teacher’s explanation of texts, she always interprets them to me in an explicit way. I really appreciate her help. Besides, she also imparts me a few language learning tips and recommendations which arouse my learning interest.

    In addition, in the leisure time, she helps me a lot as well. Because I am not the local student and my hometown is far away from here, sometimes I feel homesick. However, I always have Rose on my side. Her accompany gives me great comfort.

    I feel so lucky that I could have such a good friend, who teaches me and help me in my study and leisure life, so she is the classmate that has influenced me most in college.






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